The Professional Journal is a Consumer Advocate Association that searches out the best consumer oriented businesses in four service categories, Auto Repair & Maintenance, Home Services, Health & Beauty and Veterinary.  However we are always pleased when we get a referral to any business that deserves to be recognized.

We rely heavily on consumers to keep us informed of those merchants whom they feel should be included in our recommendations and deeply appreciate their input.

However our staff is continually analyzing merchants in our selected categories looking for  the “Diamond In The Rough”; The quality merchant that is not telling the consumer what they need to make an educated decision.

Far too many businesses forget to look at what the consumer wants to see when they are searching the Net to find a particular service.

Each of the merchants in our recommended lists have been thoroughly researched in not only quality of work but how they impart information to the consumer.

If you are a merchant that is unsure about your position as viewed by a consumer let us know you need help. We will gladly review your position and help you correct any situation that diminishes your image to a consumer.

If you know of a merchant that should be considered and would like to nominate for inclusion please fill in the form in the sidebar titled “Consumer Recommendation”.  (Sorry, due to a large influx of spam requests we must ask you to call us with the information.) We will keep you posted on our findings.

If you are a merchant and feel you are are qualified to be included in one of our four divisions make an appointment on

We never charge a merchant for the qualification process or their inclusion in any of our recommendation lists.