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Thanks for visiting The Professional Journal Publishing Company.  We are releasing a new book this summer called “Things Your Family Doctor Will Never Tell You”.

This is a special project we are working on to benefit The Veterans Independence Project which is a 501(c),(3) Charity that helps homeless veterans and their families. We are confident it’s going to be a winner for all involved.

We have officially launched a San Diego search for Holistic Health Professionals to be featured in the upcoming book.

As a Holistic Health Professional, if you feel you are a true advocate for the success of people searching for alternatives to standard medical treatments in the San Diego area and you are committed to spreading the word about a great organization like The Veterans Independence Project, we want to talk to you.

Our normal charge for compiling and publishing a book for an individual is about $5000 to $7000.  We are providing all of our work at no charge but must ask our Authors to donate a small amount toward the project.  We would suggest $250.

We do, however, ask all of the professionals being interviewed for the book to become a “Supporting Ambassador” for The Veterans Independence Project by purchasing 50, 75 or 100 (or more) books to give away to friends, customers, clients or patients to spread the word about this great charity.

This book will retail for $19.99.  You will purchase your books at a publisher cost of $9.99 each.

The Professional Journal has pledged 100% of the royalties from the retail sales of the book to be donated to The Veterans Independence Project.

This is an important book for us.  I’m sure you can see the value built in for you as well.

To be considered for a spotlight appearance in the book, just fill in the form and we will talk.