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Thanks for stopping I am Chet Bruce and of course this is the Professional Journal Publishing Company. In this short video you will find out why you should have a book published and you’ll be able to see just how easy it is to do.

Right off the bat I want to tell you something that my grandma told me;  Do not hide your light under a bushel basket.

Now if you’re anything less than 80 years old you immediately think “what does that mean”. Well that simply means that you’ve got to let people see your good.   Your good is the outstanding services that you provide for your customers, clients or patients.  But remember how you tell people about your good makes a vast difference. Let me explain what I mean by that.  If I tell you how great I am you probably will not believe me.  But if he tells you how great I am you will believe it.

Let me ask you a question which of these two things is going to help your business more; to be the best and brightest in the room or to be perceived as the best and brightest in the room? Perception is the key.  Perception is the key to positioning, credibility, trust and authority. And of course you are wondering just how you can create positive perception.  The answer to that is varied, but the number one easiest way to prove that you really know what you’re talking about is to write a book because a book is the ultimate “He told me”.

A book is almost better than word-of-mouth.  Some might even say it is better. Think about it this way; since we started school we found all of our truth in books.

Once you publish your book you will gain instant positive perception.  You do that while giving your customer, client or patient exactly what they are looking for. Immediately you gain a competitive edge over any of your competition

So the question is not how many of your competition have written books.  The burning question is . . .

Have you written your book?

As a company whose job it is to create that advantage for you here is what we promise; Your book will be taken from conception to publication in six weeks without you having to write a word.

Now we realize that we cannot explain everything to you in this short video so I ask you give us a call at 951-323-9830   When you call we can also explain to you how we can help your favorite charity. I wred_arrowant to thank you again for visiting and thanks for taking the time to watch the entire video.

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